Liver (hepatic) Hemangiomas


Two different types of Hepatic Hemangiomas should NOT be confused:

  •  Infantile Hepatic Hemangioma : Liver tumors seen in newborns and infants. These tumors are infantile hemangiomas, but may have various clinical presentations and imaging features. Click the subtitle for more information.   
  •  Adult Hepatic Hemangioma : These lesions, commonly called as "cavernous hemangiomas of the liver",  are usually incidentally detected with ultrasound or CT or MRI scan in adulthood. It is believed that these liver lesions are venous malformations of the liver (similar to soft tissue venous malformations) and do not represent neoplastic (tumor) tissue. Some large tumors may be symptomatic and may require treatment. Click the subtitle for more information about these hepatic (liver) lesions. 

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