History: Young male with a small painful skin lesion and painful calf. 

Imaging Studies & Diagnosis & Treatment:


  • First image is a leg arteriography. There is a small vascular lesion with a few tiny arterial feeding arteries from the peroneal artery. There is not obvious rapid filling of the veins to suggest arteriovenous malformation. However, in early phases of AVM, this may be seen. This is more suggestive of a benign intramuscular hemangioma tumor. 2nd image is the same stusy with different projection, again demonstrating small arterial feeders. 3rd image is a selective injection of the arterial feeder outlining the lesion with a relatively rapid filling of the regional draining veins. 
  • This lesion was treated with transcatheter embolization using small particles. 4th image is a port-embolization arteriography. The lesion is no longer seen after the embolization. 



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