History: Infant with soft tissue prominence in the neck area, compressible and not painful. 


Imaging Studies:

  • MRI (see below): T2 weighted coronal images show a typical mixed form (macrocystic and microcystic) lymphatic malformation (low-flow vascular birthmark). These lesions are commonly called cystic hygroma. Please note that there is signal abnormalities in the lower section of the tongue. Tongue involvement is relatively common in lymphatic malformations of the head and neck.  These low-flow malformations do not demonstrate contrast enhancement on post-contrast scans (not shown).


Diagnosis: Lymphatic Malformation (Cystic Hygroma)

Treatment: This lesion can not be excised completely (surgically). In this patient, most appropriate therapeutic approach would be direct percutaneous sclerosant injection (sclerotherapy).



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