History: Young female with swelling and pain in the calf. No skin lesions. 

Imaging Studies:

  • MRI (not shown): MRI findings suggested an AVM lesion.  

Diagnosis: AVM

Treatment: Transcatheter embolization. No complication. 

  • 1st image shows an AVM lesion in the upper calf with intense contrast enhancement of the AVM nidus. This is a high-flow vascular anomaly (vascular birthmark) draining into the deep venous system. There are multiple small arterail feeders seen.
  • 2nd & 3rd images: Selective catheterization of one of the arterial feeders and selective arteriograms show rapid arteriovenous blood flow and tortuous vasculature in the nidus area. This vascular bed was subsequently embolized with absolute alcohol (not shown).
  • 4th and 5th images: Direct percutaneous puncture of the varicoid aneurysmal venous lesion and contrast injection and coil embolization of the venous abnormality.
  • Last image is the post-embolization image. The lesion is no longer fills with contrast and the extremity arteries are widely patent. 



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