Lymphatic-Venous Malformations (LVMs) 

What is Lymphatic-Venous Malformation?

Lymphatic-venous malformations (lymphatic and venous birthmarks)  are low-flow malformations and contain both abnormal lymphatic and venous channels. In most patients, the lymphatic portion of the malformation (birthmark) appears dominant on imaging studies. These birthmarks may be scattered in one extremity or may be a focal malformation. This photo shows an example for lymphatic venous malformation in the forearm.  


Photo#1: Typical lymphatic venous malformation in the upper extremity. Photo#2 shows a small lymphatic venous birthmarks in the foot.  Both lesions were noted at birth.


Diagnosis is made based on clinical findings and imaging (typically MRI). Experienced radiologist can recognize these abnormalities on MRI. These birthmarks typically show low-flow malformation features on MRI and typical skin changes can be observed (please see the photo).


Treatment is similar to venous malformation and lymphatic malformation. Sclerotherapy should be the primary treatment modality based on imaging characteristics of the malformation.







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