Glomovenous Malformation


Glomangioma or glomovenous malformation is an autosomal condition that is characterized by multiple venous malformations in the skin. These low-flow vascular birthmarks are often tender, blue, and nodular appearing. Histopathologically, these lesions differ from the typical venous malformation ("cavernous hemangioma") by the presence of numerous glomus cells. Glomus cells are immature smooth muscle cells. For more information on histopathological features of these vascular anomalies click here.

Currently, it is unknown if there is any difference on imaging studies between a typical venous malformation (cavernous hemangioma" and glomangioma).




   These MR images are T2 weighted axial images of the leg (knee level) demonstrating a relatively superficial bright (hyperintense) lesion (glomovenous malformation). The muscular groups appear relatively normal.  

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